Litepanels ASTRA 1x1 Bi-Colour with 6 x the brightness


The Litepanels ASTRA 1x1 Bi-Colour is available for rent. This powerhouse lighting solution offers an unparalleled brightness that's 6 times stronger than the original ASTRA 1x1, ensuring your projects shine brighter than ever before. The ASTRA 1x1's adjustable bi-colour temperature allows for seamless integration into any lighting scenario, providing you with the ultimate flexibility and control. From the softest hues to the most vibrant tones, your visuals will pop with clarity and depth. Designed with the creative professional in mind, this lightweight and portable panel is easy to set up and operate, making it an ideal choice for studio and on-location work. Its robust build quality ensures reliability through the most demanding shoots.

What's Included:
1 x Astra 1x1 Bi-Colour
1 x Barn Doors
1 x Adapter Frame
1 x Soft Box
1 x Power cord
1 x A/B V-Mount Battery Bracket
1 x D-Tap to 3-pin XLR cable
1 x Portabrace travel bag